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Travel Warnings

Algeria Travel Warning – February 19, 2013

Contributed writing: by The Department of State The United States State Department has elevated its previous warning to all United States Citizens who are traveling to Algeria. The DoS has highlighted, “the continuing threat posed by terrorism” and strongly encouraged U.S. citizens to be vigilant of their security and awareness. According to the Department of […]


MARC and AMTRAK Trains stopped between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland

Written by: SUSAN BAINBRIDGE Susan Bainbridge, of  The Bainbridge Chronicle, spoke with an AMTRAK representative, who confirmed that AMTRAK Trains between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland are now single tracking between Washington and Baltimore. AMTRAK trains hope to be double tracking by 1:30 p.m.. Both AMTRAK Trains and the MARC Trains traveling between Washington, DC […]



The U.S. Department of State is strongly requesting U.S. citizens, who are planning a trip to Egypt, consider another time, and not take unnecessary risks at this time.



Bahrain’s most recent and up-to-date travel warning.



Traveling to Japan remains a risk at this time, and is expected to be so for an undertermined length of time, due to the earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.



 All United States citizens use extreme caution when traveling to Algeria at this time. Security issues and increased terror threats are the reason for this update. This Travel Warning dated March 16, 2011 supercedes the Travel Warning of April 2, 2010.





ALL United States citizens traveling to Tunisia to be acutely aware of major political and social upheaval in that country.




In a report earlier today, The U. S. Department of State continues a strong urging of United States citizens to NOT travel to Afghanistan. Security threats remains exceedingly high. According to the State Department “Afghanistan remains critical.”

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