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Rusty’s Pet Care


(A Division of BAINBRIDGE NEWS – headquartered in Arlington, Virginia)



(Daily * Weekly * On-Call * Emergencies – 24/7, 365 days yearly)

(Photography / Animal & House Sitting / Dog Walks)

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Pictures of: Susan Bainbridge (Rusty’s Pet Care Founder & Owner) with her Service Dog, Lightning and other Rusty’s Pet Care Animals can be seen on our BainbridgeNewsPhotos website. Go to the Gallery, look under “Animals,” “Susan Bainbridge,” and Susan and Lightning.”


* HISTORY Founder & Owner: Susan Bainbridge

Miss Bainbridge, is a native of Washington, D.C.. Her mother went into labor with her at Washington’s National Zoo. Susan knew early on that she would be a journalist and photographer. Her bond with animals was immediately apparent, helping her to overcome many obstacles. Thus, Susan’s first business was a pet care service.

* A portion of all proceeds to go Miss Bainbridge’s non-profit organization (Rusty’s Pet Care Fund). The fund is dedicated to protecting animals. RPCF is working toward opening an educational ranch.

Originally Established: 1975 as Bainbridge Quality Pet Services

Renamed: Rusty’s Pet Care – In Honor of Miss Bainbridge’s FIRST Full-Time Service Dog, Rusty. A VERY loyal companion and friend. Rusty was a German Shepherd / Doberman, who died in 1998, at 13 years old.

* SERVICING AREAS –Washington, D.C., (Virginia – Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Baileys Crossroads, Falls Church, Mount Vernon, Springfield, Great Falls, McLean), (Maryland – Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Fort Washington, Bowie) – We will go into other areas. Those above are our PRIMARY areas. RPC is franchising into other States.

SERVICES and FEES – Discounts are available to our military (active / retired) and senior citizens.

Payments accepted: cash, check, money order, PAYPAL, credit cards. CREDIT CARDS accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

TRAVEL: Fees do NOT include travel expenses. They are billed separately.

*** PAYPAL USERS: To pay your Rusty’s Pet Care bill, please use either The Bainbridge Chronicle or BAINBRIDGE NEWS’ direct email: [email protected]


1. Cats (during work hours) (per visit) $17.00

2. Cats (Overnight w/o person) $17.00

3. Cats (Overnighting with person) $25.00

4. Dogs (per walk) (per 30 minutes) $18.00

5. Dogs (all day/overnight) (per day) $45.00

6. Dogs (overnight with person) $60.00

(includes: 3 walks, feeding) – (add. walks $15.00 each), (meds – cost vary)

7. Birds/Rabbits/Rodents (day / nite) $15.00

8. Horses (Exercising) (hourly) $40.00

9. Horses (Grooming) (hourly) $30.00

* RPC person spending the night at your home as a House Sitter, Animal Caretaker, or Animal Caretaker / House Sitter will secure your property, pickup mail, newspapers, water plants, etc.


1. Dog Demonstrations – (hourly) $50.00

2. Dog Training (In-Home – Per Session) $30.00

3. House Sitting (without animals) (per day) $40.00

4. Mail/Newspaper/Home Securing – (per day) $25.00 (plus mileage)

5. Emergency Care (hourly) $30.00

6. Pet Taxi (hourly) (plus mileage) $30.00

7. Pet Photography & Other Photography Services – ($60. to $100.) per hour

** Inquire about our other businesses – Bainbridge News & Bainbridge Real Estate Photography

*** BAINBRIDGE NEWS (Specialty: Military & National Politics)

(Photography * News – including Burials, Funerals)

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(Homes * Townhouses * Condos * Apartments * Ranches * Farms)

( Rentals * Sales * Short Sales * Foreclosures)

(Antiques * Art * Personal Property – photographed for insurance and theft)

Photography website: www.BainbridgeNewsPhotos.com

Newspaper website: www.TheBainbridgeChronicle.com

Thanks again for inquiring about Rusty’s Pet Care. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future.

Take good care and be safe. Peace be with you.

Peace be with you,
Photographer / Animal Caretaker

RUSTY’s PET CARE – (Daily * Weekly * On-Call * Emergency * 24/7, 365 days yearly)
(Pet Photography / Animal & House Sitting / Dog Walking)
4201 S. 31st Street, Suite #110, Arlington, Virginia 22206
(703) 379-2475 – Office, (703) 244-6746– Cell

Website: www.BainbridgeNewsPhotos.com

Newspaper website: www.TheBainbridgeChronicle.com

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